Tenant Pest Control Fife

Depending on the type of tenancy agreement you have with your land lord, will depend on who pays for any pest control work within your home.

In the first instant you must contact your letting agent or landlord directly. Do not try to tackle things yourself, as it may actually cause more problems for the pest controller.

Generally speaking HERDpestcontrol does work with a whole host of various lettings agents and land lords, but in most circumstances where YOU the tenant have caused the problem to arrive in your home then you will be liable for the cost of the treatment required.

As a company we will only take instructions from the person that takes charge of paying the bill. We will not accept instructions from the tenant only to be told to present the bill to the landlord. For us to do so would be unfair to the landlord. The landlord must fully instruct us, as he has certain obligations under law.

However, if you the tenant wish to employ us, you will be expected to pay the bill upon completion of treatment/work that has been instructed. We would strongly suggest that you speak with your landlord first.

If we are required to carry out work on behalf of your landlord we will have been given specific job instructions. This may include collecting samples of insects found, photographing situations to clarify to the landlord the current status of the property and remedial action required.

We will provide advice to both you and the landlord to ensure the correct action is carried out.

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