Pest Control Technology

Cutting edge toxic free Rat and Mouse control

The system monitors your premises 24/7 protecting it against both Rats and Mice

The system consists of 3 components

  1. A mains powered CU (Control Unit) with a radio transceiver that monitors the traps and informs the householder when a trap trips.
  2. A battery powered Wedge radio transmitter to monitor the operation of the trap.
  3. A spring break/back trap (Rat or Mouse).
trap technology equipment

trap technology equipment

How it works

trap technology diagram

trap technology diagram

How we use the technology

We place the Wedge Transmitters and traps throughout your home, particularly places that are difficult for toddlers to access, like the attic, in the hotpress, behind the fridge and in outdoor buildings.

  • The Wedge Transmitter detects the weight of the trap pressing the orange button down.
  • When the trap trips, the trap and the dead rodent release the orange button on the Wedge sending the radio pest alert signal to the Control Unit.
  • When the pest alert signal is detected, 2 LEDs start flashing on the CU so the housholder knows that a trap has been tripped
trap technology positioning

trap technology positioning

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