Rat Removal

We get lots of calls for rat control all year round. Sometimes rats that have been disturbed by building work or roadworks in the vicinity of sewers etc. will suddenly start moving into your back garden, home or business premises.

Rats can live in a variety of conditions such as fields, gardens, farms, and even our homes. The most common rats we encounter are the roof rat and the Norway rat. Rats are a type of rodent, and they can bring diseases into our homes as well as cause a great amount of damage and distress.

Norway rats are most often found in basements or on the ground floor.  They burrow along with building foundations that can undermine the foundation or slab.  Roof rats are agile climbers and live above ground.  They are most often found in attics, false ceilings, or cabinets.  Rats have very strong teeth and can chew through wood, insulation, electrical wires, plastic, and even soft metals such as lead

Because rats can enter a home or building through a space as small as a one-half inch, it is easy for them to invade and make their new home alongside people.  Rats reproduce quickly and can be very hard to control once inside.  To help prevent rats from entering your home, a thorough inspection is important.  Seal any cracks or holes in the foundation as well as openings where water pipes, electrical wires, cables, and vents enter the home or building.  Make sure all doors, windows, and screens are tight-fitting.

Roof rats find high entry points, so checking the roof is also necessary.  Trim tree limbs away from the home and thin out any dense vegetation on or near the home.  Sanitation goes a long way to keep rodents at bay.  Thorough cleaning in and around your home will reduce food sources and shelter.  Feed your pet only what it will eat at a time instead of leaving food sitting around continuously.  Store pet food in rodent-proof containers.  As you can see from the photo, rats can even chew through plastic storage containers.

If you suspect you have rats in your home or business, call HERDpestcontrol.com and let us deal with this problem for you.

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rat removal

Rat removal