Mouse Removal

Some people think mice are cute little things that are harmless, well nothing can be further from the truth. Here at HERDpestcontrol we only see all to often the effect of having mice coming into your home or premises.

Generally speaking, we do get mice problems all the year-round, but they usually peak in the autumn and winter period when they start to “invade” or living areas more frequently.

Mice will forage for food, and usually, they will find it with little or no problem. When they do move “indoors” they will look for harbourage (a place to live and feel safe), lofts and attics are a favourite place to live and hide and yes breed!

Once in there they will chew through cabling and chew up the loft insulation for bedding. If you have items stored in the loft they will have no trouble going through things and checking them out and yes contaminating them with their droppings and urine.

But they will not stay in the loft are they will move through the wall cavities exploiting any holes that they can find and also make to get to where the food is.

Once they find a food source they will eat what they can. Everything from fruit left out in the fruit bowl to bread in the wrapper or evening chewing through food packaging to get to the food inside.

One mouse in your kitchen can cause a whole host of health problems. Running over kitchen utensils etc. You can see their fecal matter but you may not see their dried urine.

Mice are very harder creatures and can adapt to most living conditions. They breed at an alarming rate.

So the problem if not dealt with could cause enormous problems both in the home and in the workplace. Not only are they a serious health risk they will and can cause serious financial damage to a home or business owner with the damage they can cause.

If you have a problem to discuss it more please give us a call here at and we will be able to get you onto the correct track very quickly.

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mouse removal

Mouse removal