Insect removal

Dealing with Insects can be extremely difficult but we are here to help. Insects are part of the Invertebrates family an are classified as – Winged or Wingless.

Here at HERDpestcontrol we cater for both the winged and wingless insect pests. We can do this quickly and effectively, with minimal disruption to the environment or yourself.

Common insects we deal with are:

There are of course many more and we are equipped to deal with any eventuality.

Insects of all types can exploit every conceivable niche in our environment. Some of these insects actually are our friends they help us with crop pollination, and to a great extent insect control.

The insects that we are concerned with are the ones that carry disease, spoil or damage our food stocks and cause financial loss.

Seeking early preventative advice and treatment where appropriate will help prevent these things happening; after all we don’t want to be ill, and we don’t want the Environmental Health Officer shutting you down because of an infestation.

Basic kitchen and warehousing hygiene practises will go a long way in preventing problems.

However the key to treatment is the correct identification of the insect that has appeared in your premises, and the treatment plan that we can devises working in conjunction with you.

Here at HERDpestcontrol will only use the best treatment that is fit for purpose, we have the capability and freedom to use the best that the market has to offer; and will not opt for a an inferior chemical treatment.

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insect removal

Insect removal