Bed Bug Removal

Here at HERD Pest Control we on average get between 5 and 6 calls per week regarding bed bugs.

Bedbugs are a really small insect that just loves to come out and feed on your blood at night. People often say “how did we get infested”, the simple answer is you have either bought infested second-hand furniture or have been away traveling and have picked up the infestation from someplace you have stayed. The insects have found their way into your baggage. As part of our investigation into your problem, we will routinely ask you questions about your travel habits.

As for where they can bite you, the answer to that is almost anywhere on your body.

They can hide in almost all kinds of places between feeds.

The bed bug just loves to be able to hide, feed and grow.

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bed bugs

Bed bugs


bed bugs life cycle

Bed bugs life cycle