Landlords and the importance of bed bug removal

Bed bug removal

Landlords and the importance of bed bug removal

Bed bug removal could be crucial for property landlords.

Being a landlord can have lots of positive benefits, however, it can also have drawbacks, like when the time comes for the tenant to leave the property.

Recently we had a situation where the last tenants had left the furnished flat. In this flat were loads of soft furnishings and beds and bedroom furniture. Unknown to the landlord the last tenant has introduced to the bed bugs to the flat. There is a common misconception that bed bugs are the sign of a dirty house. Bed bugs can arrive in a variety of ways: in inside bags, or in second-hand furniture or even old books from a charity shop. Bed bugs are very cosmopolitan, to say the least.

The new tenants moved in and within hours they were having issues. Their own furniture was infested within days. Upon our inspection, we found that the infestation was historic. We carried out in-depth bed bug removal and bed bug treatment with follow up calls.

Unfortunately, the monetary cost to the landlord went way beyond the bed bug pest control. Because it was historic, the bud bugs were there when the tenant moved in, the Landlord was liable and had to replace the tenant’s furniture too.

We would always encourage landlords to undertake a pest control survey post tenancy. Of course, we would be happy to help. You can call us on 01333 771000.