Covid – 19 and US

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Covid – 19 and US

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COVID – 19

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick few lines to say that we are still operating and keeping the vermin down during this Covid – 19 virus situation. Rats / mice / bedbugs and fleas etc don’t care about the current situation, and with more people staying in place and not going out and about we would expect a rise in pest control issues.

Here at HERDpestcontrol we have implemented strict procedures to allow us to still offer a viable pest control service.

We are masking up and have gloves on before we enter your home or premises. This will stay in place for the entire time we are in your premises.

LOTS of people have been hoarding extra food in various formats. Not properly stored could lead to the rat / mouse / cockroaches / larder beetles to come in and start having a feast at your expense and discomfort.

Ensure you keep things well stored. And if you can off the floors and in some sort of container rather than just the cardboard packaging.

Alwas best to ensure your bins in the house are emptied everyday.

It is never a great idea leave things out over night to be disposed off in the morning. Do it straight away.

If you notice signs of vermin or have any concerns then please give us a call, even if it is for no more than re assurance, we will take your call.

Remember, if you do need us we will respond. But please be aware that we will be taking full precautions for your protection and ours. So don’t be alarmed if you see us wearing face masks – “Don’t worry it isn’t Dick Turpin!!!!!!”

If you need us then call us on 01333 771000