Bed bugs and You

Bed bugs in seams of mattress

Bed bugs and You

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    Look out for the tell tale signs of bed bugs

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    The dreaded bed bug up close and personal

    Morning folks,

Normally we would see a general rise in the calls for bed bugs after folk go away for holidays etc.

Bed bugs can be brought into the home in baggage or second hand furniture; or in cardboard boxes that have come from somewhere else.  You may not have any adults bedbugs, but you could have one of the “in stars”. Bedbugs have a number of stages to go through to reach adulthood and breeding condition. Adults are about the size of a lentil and the eggs are the size of a pin head.

Bed bugs have been with us humans since the beginning of time. They feed on our blood. Usually they can be found in and around the seams of the mattress and bed frames.

  • Blood spots or dark ink spot looking stains on the material of the mattress or on the wood of the bed frame.
  • They will infest the head boards, and also bed side tables and could be inside the electrical equipment, ie alarm clocks etc.

Sometimes, most people will not really see the signs or evidence, so careful inspection by a Professional Pest Controller is advised. We can tell you if you have them or not! Very quickly and can determind the correct treatment for your situation.

Some people go ahead and buy loads of different chemicals from the internet and try and self treat. Some get lucky and but most end up having to call us anyway after spending sometimes humdreds of pounds. Sometimes it isn’t bed bugs but a medical issue that a Doctor needs to treat.

So, general advice is this.

  1. Never bring your baggage etc into the bed room or place on beds to unpack. Empty it out side, and then wash all clothing, at the highest tempature you can.
  2. Inspect the seams of the baggage, if you find anything the isolate it outside then give us a call.
  3. If we do find something then we carry out a treatment on the baggage with steam / chemical by us. The actually methods used can be a variation of steam / chemical or either or. It depends on each individual situation and circumstance. But it will be safer and cheaper in the long run for you.
  4. Remember, while Google is a great source of information it isn’t always the correct information!!!!