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Pest prevention is better than cure.

Wasp nest removal

We use the latest technology and equipment for wasp nest removal and treatment. Fully insured and qualified with prices to beat Fife Council pest control and no VAT to pay.

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Ant nest removal

As with all our Pest Control services, we use the latest technology and methods to ensure an environmentally respectful approach to Ant Nest removal.

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Rat control & removal

Our up to date methods ensure that all of our Pest Control services are carefully managed and respectful of the environment. We take rat control very seriously.

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scott herd

Fast Response and Fully Insured & Certificated Pest Controller.

I’m Scotty Herd owner of, your local pest control technician for The Kingdom of Fife.

We provide 24×7 pest control services for removing mouse and rat infestations, treating Woodworm, clearing your beds of bedbugs, and removing Squirrels from your loft spaces or other areas. We also deal with Cockroaches, Insects, Moles, Wasps, Rabbits, Foxes, Pigeons, Seagulls, Starlings and Crows.

We work with business, Commercial, Agricultural and Industrial, as well as private homes and gardens, hotels, schools and warehouses.

At we offer a friendly, first class, economic service. We employ the latest techniques and pesticides.

Whether the pest problem is at your office, warehouse, hotel, farm, sports ground, school, house or garden, Herd Pest Control’s team of experts has the means to take care of it quickly and discreetly.

We operate in and around the Kingdom of Fife and our rates are very competitive with Fife Council Pest Controllers.

Our local technicians are at your service 7 days a week, ready to arrive at the location in question really quickly and see your pest control problem through from start to finish.

We cover Pest Control in Central Fife and East Fife.

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